Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mine Drones 1.0

SANBOX Studios is pleased to announce the release of Mine Drones 1.0 - a new arcade game for Android.

You are sent on a routine mining mission to a distant planet. However, deep underground you come across dangers you never expected.
Reveal the secrets of the dark mine and enjoy the sci-fi adventure!

  • 40 different underground shafts
  • Lots of pick-up items and mine gadgets - teleport switches, locked doors, mass-kill bombs etc. 
  • Go to Level – you can choose to play levels which were previously passed without losing any ore
  • Easy / Medium / Hard game modes
  • Easy control - sweep gestures to move, tap to shoot 
  • Two versions - FREE & FULL
  • Upgrade to FULL version preserves your FREE version progress

Note: FREE version has only 3 levels and limited number of features

Gameplay video

Try it now

You can download the FREE and FULL versions of MineDrones from the Android Market

MineDrones FREE 

MineDrones FULL 


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